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If Bagley stays in the starting lineup I like the Kat side. Kat is producing and has been healthy, and Bagley has shown us that sweet 22/11 line the other night that he is totally capable of given playing time. AD is the best player in the deal obviously and has been fantasy gold. However I am a pessimist and worry about his health history and possible shut down with how bad the Pelicans have been. SGA has the starting roll gig locked up, and Doc seems to favor the kid, but I just don't see him putting it together this year.


Basic gist of it. You'll have some nights where Kat goes 22/10 where AD goes 40/16 and you regret the trade. Then you have some nights where Kat goes 30/20 and Bagley goes 16/10 with %'s and stocks and you are a happy camper.

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Ye I own Kat and AD in different leagues and would definitely keep AD or trade for him if possible. He will be showing ppl that he’s Worth the next big contract or worth teaming up with for a championship run wherever he is next season. Watch some games of both teams and it’s night and day between those two. 


Pls help




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