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T.Y. Hilton 2019 Outlook

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On what planet is Hilton going to fall to the 4th round? Seriously?   He would have been a top 10 WR last season if he played every game (which he is as good of a bet as anyone to do). Not t

The #4 WR in terms of points per game so far who you probably got in the 5th round is a "Fantasy cancer"? 

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6 minutes ago, jay_00 said:

Is it worse to play thru a hamstring injury or a quad injury? Because if he played that good last season with a hamstring injury, shouldnt he be fine after missing 1 game with a quad (i dont expect him to play this week)?

Both are not good injuries to have. But I would say a hamstring injury is worse to play on.

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I’ve been playing FF for 15+ years and more years then not I’ve played in double digit leagues, and somehow I’ve never had a share of TY Hilton. The guy is so underrated and such a stud. I was blown away he’s been in the league and only missed like 5 games despite seemingly always being dinged up. He’s quietly putting up a Canton career imo.

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14 hours ago, Tghetty said:

Colts should let him heal, regardless of his toughness,  They are in gd position. They play raiders next week so could see Mack getting workload.  Should be win and have TY back for week 5 healthier at 3-1.  

I wouldn't mind him sitting to get him healthier 

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I just traded for him but I really am a bit worried about this quad. The guys body has taken a beating over the years (banal I know but he especially has a propensity for injuries) and he did re-aggrevate his quad, which is concerning. I am a big believer don’t get me wrong, he’s a stud and tough as anything. Just gauging if people think this could linger and really begin to affect his season. 

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It doesn't sound like he's gonna play, and I didn't expect him to after his quad flared up last week. I'll keep an eye on Twitter Sunday morning and if he somehow does, it'll be hard to keep him out of the lineup. He's a speed guy, but great in the redzone too. So being a little hobbled doesn't make him unplayable by any stretch. But I'm fine with him sitting and being near 100 percent for next week's shootout at KC.

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19 minutes ago, Bingo Bandanas said:

I wonder if it will be a game time decision? Obviously, it depends on how his quad responds in practice and running full speed.

Here's to hoping 🍺

I hope not, it’s the Monday night game isn’t it? That really throws a wrench in your game plan usually. 

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