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Allen Robinson 2019 Outlook

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Did a little crunching to put some numbers on the situation as well. Always helps putting it in perspective even if it's never the end-all. Team alpha receivers usually max out around the 30% targe

I don’t want stupid a** Trashbitsky back.

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1 minute ago, iretirefromfantasy said:

Any one worried about him this week?

Slightly. Tough matchup. Hopefully Mitch stays hot and he’ll be fine. Touchdowns in 3 straight has really fueled his production, I don’t see 4 straight happening. Just hoping for a good PPR game. 6/80 kinda thing. 

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32 minutes ago, iretirefromfantasy said:

Could this guy be one of the steals from the draft? I think I got him in the 6th round. 

This week and next week will determine everyone’s perception of him to be honest, but yes. I would say so. 

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On 12/12/2019 at 11:14 AM, dschddny said:

ARob is matchup proof, bad-weather proof, and bad coaching proof!


ARob has been money in the bank as WR2/Flex the last three weeks that's for sure...but I'm more worried about the weather this week than the matchup.  Field conditions crappy and 1 degree at kickoff?  I'm more worried about the QB in this weather than ARob...but it's a major measurable.  

Of course I'm overthinking it...but I can't shake the bad vibe on the weather affect.

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