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Until it's clear that he (Gordon) is no longer fantasy relevant. He otherwise wasn't even eligible to apply for reinstatement until like, October... So, it seems there has to be reason(s) the exception is being made. We gotta hope Gordon wasn't puffing a joint while writing to request consideration. But with respect to the timeframe, the 45 day window for the league to proceed on his application extends to about opening day. Apparently, they only need a few weeks to draw a conclusion. For us, the question is; does the league really need to fiddle-fuq around for 44 days before they'll even begin their procedure? They say Gordon's a good person they're trying to help. Oh yeah? Well then process his application ya smuck! :)  

Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking. If he has this supposedly good relationship with Goodell, wouldn’t the league want to support him and try to help? Do they just arbitrarily decide to pick that file off the inbox and look at it when they feel like it? Is it just out of spite to let the player twist in limbo for no reason at all? He applied for reinstatement about two weeks ago, so I guess we have to wait it out another 30 days?  My team could use a homerun hitter gotten on the cheap, and I feel like Gordon is a much better bet than the John Brown, Zay Jones, Tre’Quan Smith, rookie WR types that are available right now on my league’s wire.


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