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NL/AL Only Leagues: Two Teams Money League ESPN

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NL/AL Only Leagues


*Redraft for an established league.

*$25.00 LeagueSafe Buy-In.

*Winner of the NCLS and ACLS advance to the World Series.

*Emulates the structure of Major League Baseball.

*Part of a THIRTY team comprehensive league, over separate NL Only and AL Only ESPN venues, using a third place-marker ESPN league to host a World Series.

*Rosters closely approximate MLB rosters. As does the playoff format.

*Flex-list of five to nine keepers year over year.

*MANY other unique features.


The previous owner of these two teams had planned to continue with us, and thus paid for 2019, but unforeseen circumstances have prohibited him from playing this year. Therefore, for the first season, these two teams WILL NOT REQUIRE A PAY-IN.


Prize Breakdown:

World Series Win: $400.00, ALCS/NLCS Win: $75.00, Division Win: $25.00, Most Money Banners: $25.00


Houston Astros:


Miami Marlins:



Snake draft March 31th. NL Only: 10:00AM EST. AL ONLY: 1:00 PM EST. Draft picks eligible for trading as soon as teams are filled and paid. Drop an email and I'll send out an invite.


If you don't accept the invite, I'll keep shopping the team. If you don't pay-in within twenty four hours, I'll resume shopping the team.



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