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$600 roto slow/email draft using LS

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I am looking for 7 owners for my $600 NO-TRADE league.  Settings are standard 5x5 roto with weekly lineups and transactions.  $1,000 FAAB budget and runs 3X per week.  The slow draft will likely start March 20th.  Majority Approval for LS.  All money is 100 % paid out with the exception of the approximate $150 cbs fee. 

Payouts for 12 teams: 1st - $4,000
2nd - $2,040
3rd - $1,010
Possibility we could add more $ to 2nd and 3rd place and subtract from first.


If anyone wants a league invite to check out the website and settings please email me...      Joeinct2004@yahoo.com


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cbssports charges a fee to use their site for Fantasy Baseball Commissioner.  The fee is always around $150.  Rather then adding $12 (12 team league X $12 per league member = $144) to all league members entry fees I would just pay the CBS Fee myself and deduct the $150 from my entry fee.  Does this make sense to you?


I like cbssports' setup for fantasy baseball and i don't think ESPN or Yahoo will allow for slow/email drafts.


If you would like a cbs invite so you can look around and view all the settings, please email me Joeinct2004@yahoo.com and I can send you the invite.  Thanks.



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