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I am not so sure about this kid taking "x" amount of years to develop. Most people prob felt that Wander, too, would take a very long time and here we are...

Marco has the tools to drool over and also will turn 18 in Sept (plus his body seems to be much further along than that of comparable prospects in his age range)...if he continues to dominate along the ladder upwards they will continue to challenge him and it could very much accelerate his timeline. I could not wait any longer in my leagues, even if it's 3-4 years of devy time--which might be quite realistic. Gotta swing for ceiling, and his is enormous.

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6 hours ago, tucker26 said:

Despite where he is currently ranking on lists there isn't many other guys I would want over him. Maybe be a short history atm but he is on the same path as the recent crop of J2's and putting up numbers which support the hype. 

I agree with your sentiments completely.  There's not many other prospects I would want over him regardless of ranking.  The rankings will change soon enough.  

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From Fan Graphs' Marc Hulet:



Marco Luciano, SS, Giants: Luciano has a massive ceiling and showed his hitting ability early this season as a 17-year-old in Rookie ball. He hit .302 with 10 home runs in 47 games before earning a promotion to the more advanced Northwest League, which is populated mostly by recently-drafted college players. He appeared in just nine games at that level before hitting the disabled list, which will likely end his season prematurely. Luciano hit above .300 in Rookie ball but he was aided by a .378 BABIP and also had a strikeout rate of 22% so he’s not quite as advanced of a hitter as it seems. But the power is legit. An isolated slugging of almost .300 is almost unheard of from a 17-year-old. And his willingness to take a walk (15 BB%) will ensure he has a strong presence on the base paths.

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