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Folks, a fellow dynasty commish and I are starting a new keeper\dynasty 5x5 HtH at frantrax. OBP, R, HR, RBI, SB -- ERA, WHIP, SAVE +HOLD, W + QS, K's. 13 major league keepers and an 8 player minor league system at can all be kept until they lose their amatuer status 130ab or 50inn. we both are commissioners of long lasting dynasties. read the full constitution below and if you are interested email me at jacksonpriceblues@gmail.com. This league will not dissolve. we are in it for the long haul. Active owners only please.


Long Haul Keeper Dynasty

Everyone who joins this league is in it for the long haul. We require a 3 year commitment upfront and then another 3 years starting in Year 4. Why? So we can keep this league going for the long haul and have owners who understand that we are hear to build teams and want like minded owners who won't bail on the league. So when you sign up you are committing to 3 years. If you choose to leave after one year the remaining 2 years of your dues go to your replacement. If you think 3 years is long then you have no business joining this type of league.

The initial draft will be one draft where teams will fill both their Active and Minors roster.  It is up to each team to prioritize which they fill and when.  Starting in our second year there will be separate Minors and Waiver drafts.  The Minors draft will be done in a thread on the league page where teams can draft players from the previous year's MLB Draft along with any International Free Agents that were signed during our season and any available player that meets the Minors eligibility requirements.  The Waiver Draft will start afterward through the Fantrax Draft system where teams will fill out their remaining roster.

League Dues
     - $100 total for the first 3 years
         $33 a year - $30 towards prizes and $4 towards premium league fee. 
    - Money will be paid to and held by the Fantrax Treasurer.  Prizes will be voted out for $$$ protection.

League Payout
     - Prizes of $30 to every playoff team. $30 more for every round you advance in the playoffs. 
     - The remaining $166.66 goes to the champion. Along with a trophy that will be passed around by the winners 
        year to year. 

          $80 per season for league fee ($240 - $4 per person)
          $2000 total collected - $240 in league fees = $1760 for payouts over the 3 yr period
          $1760 / 3 years = $586.66 per season in league payouts
          1st Round Playoffs (8 teams x $30 = $240)
          2nd Round Playoffs (4 teams x $30 = $120)
          Championship Round Playoffs (2 teams x $30 = $60)
          $420 total payout on playoff advancement
          $166.66 remaining for championship winner

     - Team names will be that have actual MLB teams.
     - American division teams will be placed in the American division in this league. The same for National.
     - Teams must be able to field a complete starting roster.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of stats for that day.
     - Players on Active roster must have played in at least 1 MLB game.

Roster Moves:
    - There will be a cap of 6 roster waiver adds per week.  There is no limit on trades. 
    - Teams must fill a complete lineup; starting positions, 21 eligible active roster players, 8 eligible minors
      roster players.
    - Teams should make every effort to stay competitive.  There will be 4 warnings before losing an 8th pick in the 
      following years draft. After a second warning the commish will make whatever necessary moves are needed 
      to make the line up right.  

    - Personal feelings should not factor into trade voting. Only trades where colusion is suspected or one team
       is getting taken advantage of should be voted against.
    - Trade deadline will be set for the beginning of the playoffs.

Waiver Draft Eligibility:
    - Any player that has played in at least 1 MLB game is eligible to be selected.
Minors Draft Eligible: 
    - Any Player meeting the minors eligibility requirements of Games Pitched or ABs and is signed by a MLB team
      is eligible.

Minors Team Makeup:
    - 20 players of any position
      *Pitchers— Any player having appeared in 50 games or less games.  No age limit.
      *Batters—Any player having had 130 or less at-bats. No age limit.
    - Players that have surpassed the eligibility limits cannot be sent back to the Minors.
    - You may only move a player from your Minors roster to your MLB roster if they have played a game in the
    - Players must have been signed or drafted by a MLB team.
    - Teams must keep at least 1 players on their Minors roster at all times.

    - Each team gets 13 keepers.
    - Teams must also keep at least 1 player off their Minors roster.

Draft Order:
    - Minors Draft:  To avoid tanking the bottom 8 teams will compete in a Consolation Bracket.  The winner of the 
       Consolation bracket will have the 1st overall pick in the Minors Draft.  Picks 1-8 will be determined by the 
       Consolation bracket.  Picks 9-12 will be Regular Season standings of the 4 teams that did not participate in 
       either playoffs.  Picks 13-20 will be reverse Playoff standings.  The league champion will have the last pick.
    - Waiver Draft:  Picks 1-8 will be determined by the Playoffs.  The league champion will have the 1st overall pick, 
       2nd place team will have the 2nd overall pick, and so on.  The rest of the Waiver Draft will go 9-20 for the 
       Regular season standings with the last place team having the 20th overall pick.
    - The MLB Draft will snake.  The Minors Draft will not.

International Free Agents & Current Year Drafted Players:
    - Any player signed by a MLB team after the league drafts will not be eligibile to be on any team until the next 
       years draft.
    - Any player selected and signed during the current years actual MLB Draft will not be eligible to be on any team 
      until the next years draft.

Draft Pick Trading:
      - Waiver Draft picks can be traded at any time but only to one year in the future.
      - Minors Draft picks: 
           1) Can only be traded for that year before the season starts
           2) After the halfway point of the season Minors Draft picks can be traded for the following season. This is to
            prevent teams from trading away their entire draft for the following season before it even begins.
      - Minors picks can be traded via the comments section of the trade offer.  Teams need to make a post with the
         full trade and have both teams confirm the deal is correct.
      - There will be no auctioning off draft picks once a team is on the clock.  This is to avoid draft slow downs.
      - No trading picks that cannot be used. For example if you only have 2 open spots you can't trade your 10th 
          round pick because you won't be using it. The same goes for trading for a pick that cannot be used.
      - Be mindful of where the draft is when proposing/accepting offers. Trades aren't going to be immediately pushed
         through just because the pick that you traded has now come up. Trades can be pushed through early but not 
         immediately after they are accepted.
      - Once a team has filled all spots on their roster the draft is over for that team. Once that happens the rest of
         that team's draft picks are forfeited. There is no trading back into the draft. If a team that has finished 
         drafting opens up spots on their roster with a trade those spots will need to be fill off waivers after the draft is

Players cannot be dropped during the draft.

Post Draft:
     - Rosters must be compliant after the draft ends
           1) All players on the Active roster must have played in at least 1 MLB game
            or given an exception by the LM (ie International Free Agents with no previous MLB experience that are over
            the Minors age limit)
           2) All players on the Minors roster must meet the Minors eligibility requirements
     - Any team that is not compliant must become compliant via the waiver wire. Teams cannot trade until their
        team is compliant.

Trade Deadline:
    - The trade deadline will be at Noon EST as close to the day before of league playoffs as it can be set

    - All non-playoff team rosters will be locked once playoffs start.  Moves can be made after league activation the
      next season. 
   - The 4 division winners make the playoffs as well as 2 wild card teams from each league. 
   - Playoffs will be 4 weeks
        Quarter Finals - Semi Finals - and a 2 week Championship round

League Etiquette:
    - Respond to trades and e-mails in a timely manner.
    - Provide feedback on trade offers over flat out rejections.  Feedback is expected.  It doesn't have to be much just
       something helpful on your thoughts on the trade.
    - Try to reel back on the harsh language when responding back.  Some owners views on the value of certain 
       types of players differ (ie prospects, pitchers, hitters, even draft picks).
    - Try to keep discussions over chat and threads at least semi-civil.  
    - Don't air dirty laundry in front of the entire league.  It's a bit on the childish side.  If you have an issue with 
      something take it up with that owner or the LM.
    - Let the LM know if you're going to be away for any time over a week.
    - Please be considerate of the time and work that goes into creating and running a league like this. 
    - Have Fun! 


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