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Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

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Dropped Allen, got Jameis and rollin' with it.

Feel like Allen is in the awesome stream category and a great schedule after the bye, but unusable for 2wks. Also, bad Fantasy Playoff schedule. Only keep if you see yourself desperate in the middle of the season with his cake schedule.

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Perhaps the wind will make him accurate.

Decent weeks...he was the #1 scoring fantasy QB over that time, I’d say he was pretty decent...   Allen has the upside to be the #1 fantasy QB for 2019. Not saying it’s going to happen but i

Best QB of the 2018 NFL Draft, as I said it before that draft.    

57 minutes ago, handyandy86 said:


Allen has 11 rushing TDs in 16 career games, which is actually like a 69% chance of a TD (and 3 of 4 this season is a 75% chance).  Most leagues score rushing TDs for 6 points and passing TDs for 4 points, which means a passing TD is only worth 67% of what a rushing TD is worth.

2 passing TDs is worth 8 fantasy points, and 1 passing TD and ~70% of a rushing TD is worth 8.2 fantasy points.  

So yeah, 1 pass TD and Allen's rushing game is more valuable than your arbitrary 2 passing TD threshold for QB fantasy relevance.


Based on your rationalization, hes actually at a 75% chance of a pass TD this season. Soooooo, 0.75 pass TDs and 0.75 rush TDs is worth LESS than 2 pass TDs.


Also - don't say "most leagues are 4pts passing TDs" when you cant prove it.  My league is 5 for passing which only further supports my side of the debate and why I am rolling with Winston and Jones for now. 

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so Coach McDermott has confirmed that if Allen is cleared, he will play.

Allen is in protocol still, but later stages -- going to team meetings and practicing. Needs final all clear from team and independent neurologist.

One tell to watch: Bills have an open roster spot after releasing a backup libeman this week and Barkley is the only other QB on the roster. If the Bills sign someone other than a QB he's probably playing.

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13 minutes ago, kraftwrk_5 said:

So GTD, eh?  Yuck.  I wish they'd just rest him through the bye so he can get fully healthy.  His schedule for the next several weeks after is nothing short of mouth-watering.


Should know earlier than that. This isn't an ankle that he has to test before the game. If he's not cleared by Sunday morning I don't think he's getting cleared and they probably will have signed another QB and ruled him out. 

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2 hours ago, theSPANKER said:

Where will he end up ROS if he stays healthy?  Top 10?

I'd expect his ROS stats to put him right around QB8-10, particularly in 4-point passing TD leagues. 

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5 hours ago, theSPANKER said:

Can you re-assess for 6-point passing leagues?

I probably should have just said he has even more value in 4-point passing TDs. It's likely not gonna make a huge difference in his end of season ranking. Probably just a slot or two. 

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I really think having Duke Williams instead of Zay Jones will help Allen's TD #s & completion %. Zay was completely useless this year, dropping passes, not fighting for contested balls, and not getting open enough- he caught only 7 of 18 targets this year. Replacing that with a red zone threat & a guy who can win jump balls is a boon.

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