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Bledsoe + OPJ for Kemba Walker? WHIR!!!

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12 Team H2H 9 Cat (Punt TOs)


My: Eric Bledsoe and Otto Porter Junior 

For: Kemba Walker


I thought I was solid until the whole AD debacle so I'm looking to make some moves.  Other owner wants some depth, thoughts on this trade? (I can throw in Josh Jackson or Jeff Green as well).  Thoughts on this offer?   I would be offering. WHIR

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IMO Bledsoe is the better value, Kemba will be the consistent number one guy but if Porter is moved to another team I think his role will go up no matter the selection. Kemba has more points and %s are better but you significantly lose the steals that Bledsoe has provided throughout his career. Its all depending on your team build without knowing I would hold on to what you have. The bucks have been beating teams earlier than expected and I think come closer to playoffs they will try and get the top of the east fighting with the raptors and that will increase Bledsoes usage even more. Lamb, Parker, etc in Charlotte are starting to get injured like every other week and teams are now keying on Walker which will limit his production slightly. 



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