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Need 4 replacement owners for strong teams in Fantrax League: 14 teams, 8 keepers w/ inflation, auction, 6x6 H2H all categories, $50 buy-in (+$5.72 for Fantrax premium), 12-man minors roster

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Hi! I run the Serious League of Phony Experts (SLOPE), and we've got four openings entering the league's second year. You'll be joining just in time for the annual prospect slow draft and fun inflation process. I know 4/14 is kind of a lot of turnover but three of the owners who left said they would have stayed if they could, and everyone still around is active and invested. Constitution linked here, but here's the jist:


• 14 teams


• Hosted on Fantrax


• $55.72 buy-in ($50 toward payout pool, $5.72 for Fantrax premium)


• 6x6 H2H all-cats (R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS | W/QS/K/SV+HD/ERA/WHIP)


• LF/CF/RF instead of OF


• 8 keepers (plus entire minors roster kept at no cost)


• 12-man minors roster and annual prospect drafts (note: in first season non-affiliated players (e.g. Kikuchi, Mize, Mesa) could be picked up freely and are grandfathered in, but after this season only affiliated players are available)


• Annual auction draft ($280 budget, no in-season cap)


• FAAB for in-season acquisitions


• Unique inflation: you get $2 per opposing team to add to any player(s) you want. Max increase per player per year is $7, players you called up from the minors last year are $5 (or higher if acquired for more than that) and exempt from inflation


• 6 playoff teams


• Payouts (via Fantrax Treasurer): $300 to champion, $200 to second place, $90 to third place, $55 to fourth place, $55 for winner of 1st round playoff matchup between #1 and #2 seed (in lieu of a bye week -- both still play next round and beyond)


Here's a spreadsheet with the open rosters to look through. If you're interested, message me directly or comment on this post and please include a ranking of the open teams, from one you'd like the most to one you like the least. First come first served! Let me know if you have any questions.

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