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Charlie Blackmon 2019 Outlook

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They had one home stand against primarily good pitchers.  Lineup ravaged by injury.  Been in basically pitchers parks so far on the road.  They just got hit with the worst schedule hitting wise for fi

He’s alive!!

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16 minutes ago, Febonacci said:

Can you explain to me what the 2/1/1 means?

2 home series - week 1 of fantasy playoffs

1 home series- week 2 and week 3


for those that care about his home/away splits which are drastic 1500 ops home vs 650 away

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I do think some of his crazy splits are due to the Coors hangover effect, and that his away-from-Coors performance would improve significantly if he weren't constantly having to adjust to the environment and then re-adjust to baseball back here on planet Earth.  Still, the end result is probably going to be at least a 10-20% drop in production at the plate from a guy who's not much of an asset in the outfield.  I just don't see a team paying enough to pry that risky of an asset away from Colorado.

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