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Dynasty - Buy Low on Chubb?

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Chubb owners are finding out about the encroachment of Kareem Hunt into the their “young stud’s backfield.”


Hunt is signed on for a one year deal, he’ll then be an RFA after 2019. To me - there’s three outcomes. Let’s assume Hunt is suspended for only 4 games (the most detrimental to Chubb). 


1. Hunt resigns with the Browns after 2019 season. Chubb is now in an RBBC and could have very low value. 

2. The Browns trade Hunt to another contender, or they decide he’ll be too expensive to keep - Chubb gets his backfield to himself again, and he still has it to start the 2019 season. 

3. Chubb gets traded, and the Browns hold on to Hunt. The outcomes are endless, but I don’t believe there are many situations where Chubb’s value increases. 


If you’re a buyer, what would you offer for Chubb?

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Chubb's value is still high. It would take a lot to get him. He's a young RB with a young QB on a "trendy" offense who's performed well already in the NFL. He was a top 12 pick before the Hunt signing and think he's still a top 20-24 pick after the signing. His 2019 value seems relatively safe, at this time, given the question marks around Hunt's suspension length.


2020 and beyond is still a question mark.

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