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Good lord, is Millsap my drop?

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I was really hoping I wouldn't have to make this call until after the break.


Used up both add/drops on Mitchell Robinson and Beverley already (again, assumed Denver would hold Millsap and Harris out through All-Star), and we have a league rule about getting guys off the IR the day after they make their return to action. Is .. is Millsap my drop at this point in the season? I know the playoff schedule is money, but good lord the dude has been brutal, and that Denver team is loaded. I'm probably just being too optimistic on the outlooks for Kleber/Beverley/Robinson, but needed to have some sense talked into me.


WHIR if ya need it.



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Kleber is playing his best basketball over the last 5 games.  In those 5 games, he has averaged 10/6/1 with low stocks and low percentages in 25 minutes. 

If you cut off 1 of Millsap's legs and sat on his shoulders, he would be better than Kleber.

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