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Well, here the merry-go-round goes again... Millsap is finally playing, and though he started on the bench, he's delivering more along his usual line in limited minutes. With ASB coming up - a good time for rest -, is there any way I can pick this dude up? My team is in signature and I'm punting assists, trade deadline long gone.

He would fit my punt assist build, but I have a plethora of frontcourt players. Tobias and Siakam will be worth keeping tabs on in how they acclimate to a new club and somewhat altered rotation respectively, but I'd still be mad to drop.

Is there any way I could pick him up? With the news that Garris is out until the break at the very least, I could drop him and hoard Millsap in the IR slot, which would be something at least. In a tough playoff competition and wouldn't want my rival to snag him. Thoughts?

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I don't see a clear drop for a guy struggling to stay healthy and losing ground to a deep roster every time he goes down. I only kept him after he came back because I had a guy like Kleber to lose, and a first-round bye locked up. But it was close.

Harris and Siakam will be fine. Leave the headache for someone else.

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