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got this team in 20 team 4 keeper league. 1) looking to see if there is 2 for 1 player I might aim for ?? this would help me activate Gallinari.(my worse players are  Plumlee who with the minutes he getting is amazing and zeller who is good source of rebounds with few blocks without killing other stats)---Guess one option I can have is wait till I get injury or plumlee gets his minutes reduced.... 2) currently 1st so mostly care about playoff focus. what would be needs /focus given my team???

pg : Holliday

sg: Redick

g: conley

sf: Kuzma

pf :plumlee

F; Cauley-stein

c: Vuc

Ult : Gordon


Bench : Leonard/Beal/Middlton/Zeller

Dl : Gallinari


Given I can keep 4 was thinking maybe if I combine middlton/kuzma for a better keeper ? (issue is I still want to win this year so this makes it hard)



Will return the help. Ty in advance.

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1 hour ago, Tierjerk said:

Plumlee isn't all that especially now that Millsap is playing again. He's definitely someone I would move ASAP. Maybe try trading him and Mike Conley for Eric Bledsoe/De'Aron Fox/De'Angelo? Also, which Leonard is that? I'm assuming it's not Kawhi. 

its kawhi.



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Dropping Plumlee is definitely an option with Millsap back in action, though I can see maybe want to stick it out a bit longer until Millsap's ankle doesn't flare up again.


Kawhi, Beal, Vuc, and Holiday is a pretty stellar four to keep in a 20-teamer already. But yes, as far as guys not likely to be kept, something like Middleton/Kuzma would your most valuable package that doesn't deplete your PG depth to zilch. I'd be looking for a studly-ish PG or big man on a team struggling with depth, you seem pretty flush with SFs. If you're ranking okay in blocks already maybe poke around Lauri Markkanen? Really though, suggesting specific players in a vacuum will only help so much not knowing the team constructions and records. 

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