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30-Team Salary Capped Dynasty on Fantrax Needs 1

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This isn't your average set your lineup and forget it league. If you do the minimal, don't like to talk trades basically every day, then this isn't the league for you. If you have zero free time/online availability to talk in our league chat and PM owners talking deals, etc... this isn't the league for you. If you've been looking for a trill 30-teamer where everyone is active and trying to make moves on the regular, this just may be the league for you. 

This is our seventh season. 30 teams, H2H 8-categories, each category, 15 roster slots, salary capped, blind free agent bidding twice a week, annual rookie draft, draft pick trading. Player salaries adjust every off-season based on a past two seasons formula. You can be over the cap and roster limits in the off-season, you just have to get to the cap line and 15 player max by start of the reg season. There's always trading going on throughout the season and offseason. No off time for us.

This is a free league, but we all pitch in a couple bucks annually to the head LM to pay the premium league fee.

If you're a deep dynasty degenerate, love to trade and have a good amount of time to chat. Leave your email below.

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Hey. Been looking for this exact type of league all season. Been in other long-term deep dynasty leagues with ~300 rostered players. 

Active owner who loves to trade and talk deals. Would love to see the team.


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