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Dante Pettis 2019 Outlook

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Oh I was right with you at the time of that quote (Aug 3rd) and overall I agree with what you are saying. But if you read my whole post you will see that three days later he was even relegated to seco

Yes. The clip when Deebo told Pettis in the off-season who's the #1 WR in SF now:  

How are Pettis and a pass to Pettis alike? Both are drops.

59 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

Fell for the rising snap count... Blah blah don’t trust a wr on this offense ever again for this season 


I mean it was pretty much a monsoon out there but one catch would have been nice 

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Even without the weather, I feel like SF's offensive identity will always be to run the rock.  Jimmy Grapes is turning out to be more Matt Flynn than Joe Montana.  Basically got the big contract and now he's turning out to be not so good.  Not sure if you can trust any SF pass catcher outside of Kittle.  Now Deebo is dinged up.  I think Jalen Hurd is on IR?  Goodwin is who we know he is.  So maybe, just maybe, there's some optimism and hope here for Pettis.  I think if you can spare the spot, he's a hold for at least another week.  I think I've picked him up and dropped him like five times already this season.  At some point, I'll say enough is enough and never look back though.

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I think with the Manny Sanders trade, this kills any slim chance that Pettis would have had for fantasy relevance.  Game manager Jimmy G can't support one, let alone two, fantasy relevant receivers.  Dropping...for I think like the fifth time this year.  This time for good.

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Bold prediction of the year: Pettis has a monster week 10 against the Seahawks.

In two games against the Seahawks last year he had 10 catches for 212 yards and 2 TDs. 

With Kittle out, I say Pettis goes 6 for 100 and a TD. 

DFS players, take note. 

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On 10/4/2019 at 3:25 PM, tatddy said:

Debo is and will continue to be the top SF wr for the significant future. That doesn’t mean Pettis can’t be valuable but those calling him the “#1 option” need to spend time watching tape. 


Can we / thread yet?

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16 hours ago, ajs723 said:

Don't understand why they haven't traded or released him. Shanahan clearly hates him with a deep passion. Why roster a guy who contributes nothing to the team? Just to publicly criticize him at every chance?

He clearly has a major issue with him. I don't know how much of it is on Pettis but there's something going on. 

This is evident by them not using him on special teams. As mentioned in a post above he holds the NCAA record I doubt he's not an excellent option. Either he has become extremely lazy and/or uncooperative or him and the coaching staff have some weird beef. It also makes no sense for a coach to just bash a young player in public as that's not the way you do things whatsoever. It's funny how players get so much crap for calling out a coach or team in public but this gets no run.

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