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12 Team Mixed, $1,100 fee. Dynasty with Online Auction


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Pretty much standard 5x5 with the following nuances:

1) All trades go to arbitrator since there had been problems deciding what is allowed dumping wise. Each team sends in $100 extra (League is actually $1,000 with a prepaid $100 to cover trades). The 2 teams involved in trade cover the cost. Whatever of your $100 not used is returned.

2) This is a daily league with no max starts or innings. There is a minimum innings to prevent you from using all relief pitchers.

3) 15 hitters, 10 pitchers since we are pretty shallow

4) No extensions. Only hold players for 3 years with only a couple of exceptions that will be explained.

5) Fantrax with the auction on the site on March 24th at 12 noon eastern.


Let me know if you want further info. A lot of our guys have been in this league for years. Up until last year we had a live auction in NJ but with guys retiring and moving away we had to go to an online auction.

You can reach me at dadpodlas@aol.com.

Thanks, Mike.

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Successful year in 2019. 9 owners returned. Found 2 new owners quickly. Looking for #12 so that we can do the dispersal draft for the 3 new guys.

Due to the price, we have a couple guys drop every year but the core remains the same. 

This year's auction is online on 3/22 at 3 pm eastern. Contact info is in the original post.

Thanks, Mike

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