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Of the top 6 teams in my league, 4 of them are competing hard in 3PTM and leaning toward guard heavy rosters. I am currently "comfortable" in 2nd place and looking to avoid any sort of dog fight in 3 PTM and aim to improve my FG% while getting a few more stocks and improving my PO schedule. I was hoping for some help on trade idea's and have put a few together and would like to hear others thoughts.

1. Westbrook/J. Allen/Conely -> L. James/ R. Gobert

2. Westbrook/J. Allen/Conely -> B. Simmons/ M. Turner/ J. Collins

3. PG13 - > E. Bledsoe/ B. Beal (Was offered B. Beal / E. Gordon, but I rejected it and considered countering)

Other players I can add in possible trades (Sabonis/Nance/Gallinari/Lowry)

The idea is to get rid of Westbrook and package him (or try) with Conely and Allen to better FG% while also improving my PO schedule. Any thoughts on the above trades or thoughts on players I could target would you target would be greatly appreciated.

I also have to consider that when Capela comes back I will have (7) players who have the "C" position tag on them and probably need to thin that out.










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