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Drop Kanter for Dragic in a Pts League??? WHIR

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Thinking of dropping Kanter for Dragic in a points league.


In our scoring Kanter has averaged 27 fppg in the games he's played

Dragic has averaged 24 fppg.


I guess I'm just trying to gauge who has the better ROS outlook and best scenario to produce. Only other drop I have is T.Ross but he's averaging 26 fppg in his last 30 days so he's on a roll.

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I would want to see how Kanter plays in at least one game with Portland before I drop him. Its most likely he will be getting around 18 minutes if not less but if all of a sudden Zach Collins or Layman loses their minutes and Kanter is playing 20+ he is worth keeping. I don't see Portland running Kanter with Nurkic together ever and Nurkic plays around 29 minutes a game on average leaving only 19 for Kanter considering Collins loses his minutes at the Center spot. I hate owning Miami players this season. Waiters are playing great as of recently and even Dwade is playing well. Not sure how Dragic's outlook will be once he is back. I would stay as is. If Dragic was getting around 24 fppg I would not expect more than 20 average for at least two weeks when he comes back. Do not drop Ross. Good luck.

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I would stick with Kanter as of now. I have a personal preference for somebody who is currently in game shape and has recently player over a player coming back after months off.

I am guessing Kanter will get closer to 20 minutes a game. I own Nurkic and for as good as he's been, the dude is prone to foul trouble. Kanter will leap frog Collins as the backup Center and get the bulk of minutes. You won't see Nurkic or Kanter play side by side, but Kanter can produce with limited minutes.

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