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12 team h2h - 9 category. I'm in third and he's in first (but he has Anthony davis). I traded my booker for his hield. Reasons were that Booker is a shut down risk while hield should play to the end. Sac also has a 4-4-4 playoff schedule while Phoenix is 3-3-3. I'm losing some in each category but should make it up with the extra games? Thoughts? WHIR


My team now:





Myles Turner





Thomas Bryant

Bobby portis

Will Barton


Kenrich Williams

IR mirotic

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Thanks for the help on mine.


In regards to your trade, I'll sound like a broken record, but those above are right in that you probably didn't value Booker enough. Even his name alone has some value in a trade. Now that's not to say the trade itself is horrible. Booker and Hield both suck at getting Steals so neither are really stocks guys. With the trade you lose out on Assists, but you gain FG% and at this point in the season probably a chunk more 3PTM.

As far as shut down risk goes, I don't know if I would have worried to much about that. Phoenix is still terrible with Booker on the floor and they are playing for nothing. As good as Booker is, they still probably want to develop his and Ayton's chemistry for the future. Injury risk on the other hand is another story, but you can never account for an injury.

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As the other guys have mentioned, you could've got more for Booker. I try not to think of shut down risk as a factor in trades unless its an aging player. You still have a solid team and it shouldn't affect you much, and you got that juicy playoff schedule.

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it's not that its a horrible trade, cause if you match up their numbers, they are not far apart, it's that on name value alone, you could have gotten a lot more for Booker than just Hield. You should have asked for more or shopped around Booker, cause that guy was always gonna give you Hield. It should have been a last ditch effort if all else failed. 

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