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Luiz Gohara 2019 Outlook

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Love his stuff.  Seemingly fell pretty far down the pecking pole in Atlanta last year though with the emergence of many of their young arms.  Hopefully they don’t just turn him into a reliever early.  I think he’s got a nice future as a starter.

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Life was hard on him last year. His father died in his arms in the offseason, and his mother also had serious health problems which caused him to leave the Braves and return to Brazil for a while. Understandable if he had trouble staying focused.

The weight loss is a great sign that he’s got his head back in the game. He’ll have to fight for a rotation spot but he’s as talented as any of the Braves’ young arms.

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Gohara becomes pretty valuable the day Atlanta trades him away from their over-crowded pitcher cabal.  Until then, yeah middle reliever not getting his chance.

Thanks SpartyOn4 for that background.  Most fantasy stat players would just look at his numbers and think he went downhill and write him off.  Baseball players are more than mere numbers.

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All three of those guys up for that 5th starter spot has high upside. Soroka seems to be destined to be there longer term, but is coming off a shoulder injury. Touki has always been a possible bullpen guy, and Gohara was great 2 years ago before the lost season last year.


If I had to guess, Soroka gets the job if fully healthy, Gohara to AAA to be the first man up when needed, and Touki to the pen. 


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This came from a guy on a Braves board im on.  He’s pretty dialed in to the team.  # of predicted starts...


Folty 30+ (all year)
Gausman 30+ (all year)
Soroka 20-25 (will have his workload managed closely)
Newk 20-25 (moved to BP and/or rested after the break)
Teheran 15-20 (pushed out by Wright/Soroka/Anderson)
Wright 15-20 (pushes out Teheran/Newk mid-season)
Touki 10-15 (spot starts in a hybrid role, likely the first #5 SP used)
Fried 5-10 (spot starts in a hybrid role)
Gohara 5-10 (spot starts in a hybrid role)
Wilson 5-10 (up and down from AAA)
Anderson 1-5 (cup of coffee late to get ready for 2020)

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I like that list of # of starts.  With gohara I’m thinking if he looks good in the spring he’s a good flier to take because even if he’s destined for a bullpen role with just a few spot starts he could put up some very nice numbers.  Also with such a young staff I’d think their bullpen is gonna get plenty of work and chances to pitch multiple innings.


would it be that terrible if he ended up pitching 80-100 innings with a handful of wins and if he’s back to his old self should be able to get a k/9 of 10+ pretty easily.

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9 hours ago, Sidearmer said:


This should open up a chance for Gohara to potentially get the 5 spot in the rotation.


He will be in competition for sure with Touki and even Fried be as part of the competition. If he really comes back stronger than last year with an increase in velocity like in 2017, sky is the limit for this guy. 

Sucks for Soroka though; I really like him!

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