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Are you trading AD or holding?

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I have AD in several leagues. Are you trading or holding? If you're trading, what kind of value are you expecting to get back at this point and should I wait until after the All-Star break? I just can't predict what is going to happen for the rest of the season with the Pelicans and a new GM. Thanks. 

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At this point I wouldn't touch AD with a 10FT pole. After last nights injury scare, the firing of the GM and the comments made by both coach and owner, I am suspecting a shutdown very soon. Even if he's not, he is currently on a 22-25 min restriction until the end of the season. We all know they can produce, but you want your #1 option playing 30+ minutes.

With that being said, you are rolling the dice if you wait until after the All-Star break. If a report comes out saying he's shut down, you lose. Even if a report comes out saying he'll be out for X-weeks/days and they will bring him along slowly, you probably lose. I'd trade him and get what I can and I am not expecting a huge return. I'd try and use name value alone to get a top 25 player. Or attempt to use him to pair one of my bad PO schedule/weak players for some depth as that's probably your only good way out.

I just don't see how AD owners come out of this situation unscathed. I mean the dude left the area before the game ended to get an MRI with his agent and told nobody.

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