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Chris Godwin 2019 Outlook


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35 minutes ago, dsrich said:

As always depends on the league and other options. I’ve got him out there in two. In another, options are Waller or Ridley over him. It’s truly about what other players you have available. 


As as much as we love to try to research and predict fantasy let’s be real nobody knows a thing about what will happen today.

So true... all your predictions get shot to hell soon as the game starts. Even all the expert fantasy analysis articles & projections. Over the years you learn , research is great and all. But sometimes you gotta go with your gut and players you believe in. Regardless of the matchup

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This is so tough. Hate these dreaded game time decisions, but I don't have a lot of other options because of Hilton and McLaurin.

Hoping he plays and balls out. Tampa should be down in this game, and they will be playing catch up for 3 quarters.

Wish we knew the severity of the hip, and the extent of the pain and range of motion.

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1 hour ago, StevenSC400 said:

I’m probably starting Chark over him. These game time decision starts are so risky. Even if he plays could be used as a decoy, he could injure himself again or just not play at 100%. If you have a decent option I’d probably start them over Godwin. 

Agree Chark over Godwin this week

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