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SEEKING: Dynasty/Salary Cap w/ Large Minors

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Hi all,

Am seeking a salary or dynasty league with ~50-100+ MiLB per team and as many teams as possible.  Experienced franchise/dynasty owner coming from a 30-team league with 200+ man rosters that finally dispersed... I'm looking to join a league still this season but have found little to no success.  Just looking for some fun competition w/ people that love prospects as well. (Willing to pay whatever buy-in as long as it's a fun, friendly, competitive league.)

Probably not too many leagues like this out there, but if there is interest, I can certainly take the 200-man league's successful constitution and apply it to a new league, I don't mind setting everything up if there is interest.  

Prefer it to be as deep as possible (as many teams & as many minor leaguerers as possible).  Scoring system is secondary (unless it's W's instead of QS's because, 'the times they are a changing!')  Just kidding, I can get over it - but please feel free to send me a message on here or my email is mikeyymarino (at) gmail.com ...

Thank you!

(Apologies in advance if I have to bump this thread, I do indeed read all of the leagues that get posted prior to wasting people's time and posting to bump it.)

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5-man minors isn't quite what I'd consider "large", hah, but thanks for the link!

I believe I'll be posting a new thread with a new salary cap league.  There simply seems to be no large minors leagues out there right now.

It'll be a miracle to get it up & running by the start of the season, but technically the majors draft is all that would have to be completed.


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