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16 Team league and losing depth. You are currently in 1st with a great record. My guess is the owner is making this trade to 1 - Gain depth and 2 - Solidify his PO schedule. Looking at your team, you either drafted late and picked Gobert first or made trades to gain depth over star power.

I do not think Dragic's return will hurt Richardson (more Waiters/Wade/Winslow) and Porter has no competition in Chicago. Gobert is on par if not better in the BLKs/RBS department with Towns. Butler is in a 5 man feeding frenzy in Philly, so his touches are limited. (He is still a Stocks monster.)

I personally don't think you make this trade. If it were a 10 or 12 team league, I'd probably say take it as you get the best player in the deal. But I don't trust Butler and you could argue that Towns doesn't move the needle much over Gobert to lose the amount of depth in a 16 teamer.

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