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Draft pick trade: Nola, Hoskins

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I'm in a 14 team, H2H, 5x5 (QS & OPS replace Ws & Avg).  We can keep UP TO 3.  Standard ESPN keeper/draft format, so the keepers make up your first 3 rounds of picks.

Currently, I'm keeping Machado for sure, and possibly Aaron Nola.  Here's the scenario...

Option 1:
I keep Machado, then keep Nola as my 2nd round pick, then can draft a hitter probably in the Khris Davis, Cody Bellinger, Ozzie Albies range in the 3rd round.

Option 2:
I keep only Machado, then can draft a hitter in the Blackmon, Kris Bryant, Benintendi, Rhys Hoskins (who I'm really high on) range in the 2nd, then draft a SP in the 3rd, possibly in the Trevor Bauer, Severino, Carrasco, Walker Bueller range in the 3rd.

Option 3:
I've been offered a trade of Hoskins for my 9th round pick (pick 115 overall).  That would allow me to keep Machado, Hoskins and Nola.

So, I guess it comes down to, is the pick worth keeping Nola over, say Trevor Bauer, or possibly Walker Bueller?


Thanks in advance.

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I think Option 2 is the best here. 

Assuming what you say is correct going Machado -> Blackmon (or Hoskins if you want) - > Walker would be the ideal situation. 

Losing the 9th round pick only to get Hoskins and keep him in the second round seems like no good since Option 2 trumps that (as you get to keep the 9th round pick). 

I am not as high on Nola as I am on Bauer and Walker Buehler. 

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option 3 is off the table. extra top 120 pick in 14 teamer for a player you might be able to get anyways. and even if he is taken there are similar options


like option 2 bats and sp more than nola and Bellinger/khris but kinda hard to tell who will be available to draft. might take nola just to be sure (unless I know I can get benny or Blackmon)


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