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Need 3 ACTIVE OWNERS/$20 buy in/H2H catergories/Snake draft

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Looking to fill 3 vacant owner spots in a H2H catergories league that redrafts all over again each year. There will be 12 teams with no divisions fighting for 6 playoff spots. Since we are a little ways out from Opening Day, I will make sure to send out league safe info no later than next weekend. We will go with $20 buy in and the snake draft will be 60 second per selection. The draft will take place on Sunday night at 8:30pm on March 10th. Feel free to take a look around at the league before joining. PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE IF YOU DO NOT STAY ACTIVE FOR THE FULL 20 WEEK SEASON. THANKS. Please send me your email address and the 1st 3 owners will be added to the league.


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League Settings were fine for me to view. == You should consider changing two of them. 1 - No Trade Deadline is bad.  You don't want trading during the Playoffs. == 

2 - 9 Pitching Starts Max will not allow all Pitchers on your team to start on a lot of weeks.

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