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Toughest Two Groups to Rank this year

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For me at least...7x7 (OBP, SLG, L and Hlds) as extra categories on top of the normal 5x5


1st base mid-tier  Abreu/Olson/Muncy/Aguilar

SP tier  20-25 Tailon/Clevenger/Flaherty/Berrios/Wheeler


I'm having a hard time deciding how to rank these guys. Is there a clear cut guy you like more than the rest? Why?

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That mid tier 1B situation sticks out to me as the most perplexing. Actually see me owning some decent shares of EE/Hosmer/Santana based on their current draft costs and the questions/uncertainty surrounding the rest

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After doing some preliminary research, I feel like OF 3 and OF 4 are gonna be toughest to hit. With every increasing platoon situations and guys with warts, there are very few guys I like or trust past the top 30 or so

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I'm high on Olson, meh on Abreu, Aguilar and Muncy are very close and I give the edge to Aguilar due to likely playing time.


Clevinger clear winner IMO with tailon/Flaherty basically tied second and third just depending on how high you think Flaherty will go this year. I don't believe in the 2-pitch pitcher Berrios. 

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