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$100 12 tm ESPN Points-League - Slow Draft on Couch Managers - 3 man keeper - Acuna, Ohtani and others available - Need 2 owners!

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ESPN head to head points league.   This is a 3 man keeper league entering its 5th year.   $100 entry (all money protected on LeagueSafe - link below)

We do a slow draft that's run on the Couch Managers website and worked really well for us the last couple of years.

We're entering our 5th year.    There are 2 new owners that need to be replaced.   Their available keepers will be combined and then drafted evenly by the 2 new owners.

The available keepers are :

Ronald Acuna

Shohei Ohtani

Alex Wood

Dallas Keuchel

Blake Treinen

Nick Castellanos

Nomar Mazara

Kyle Schwarber

Scooter Gennett

Mark Trumbo

Miles Mikolas

Luis Castillo 

Andrew Miller

Mike Foltynewicz

Jose Quintana

Sean Newcomb

Eduardo Rodriguez

Zach Britton

Jack Flaherty

Scott Schebler

Evan Longoria

Adam Duvall

Corey Knebel


The 2 new owners will do a 2 man draft to split these keepers up, and then select their best 3 choices from them.

Keepers are only players drafted rounds 4 and onward.  So all the usual suspect superstars (Trout, Betts, Goldschmidt, Scherzer, etc..) are not keeper eligible and will be in the draft.

Let me know if interested in more details.  Just need 2 more spots! 


Link to league settings ===>     http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=11709

LeagueSafe Link ===>    https://leaguesafe.com/join/3887861



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I'm not sure how to send the settings.  I think I'd have to add you all to the group first or send invite.  Sorry I didn' tsee the order of this and saw that autobot responded first.      


There's another person who's close to choosing to play.  But if they fall through or don't pay, then you all will be next in line for the spot. 


I'll try my best to go over as many of the settings as possible.

I know that there's 12 teams.   Top 4 make the playoffs and get automatic postseason payouts, the next 4 have a $20 postseason bracket for the winner.    The bottom 4 also have a playoff bracket where they compete for cash.   


The league starts 5 OFs, and 2 UTL spots along with the standard positions (2B/SS and 1B/3B).  1 Catcher.  

There's a rule each week, where each team has a max of 8 SP starts that they can make.  So you can strategically choose which SPs youw ant to start, and who to bench depending on matchup during the week.  So that no one is just randomly picking up scrub pitchers just to accumulate points.      Each team has a MAX of 4 relief pitchers on their rosters that they can keep in their starting lineup every day.     And 'relief pitchers' are defined by how the team uses them (not necessarily ESPNs definition of them by SP or RP; because there's plenty of players listed as SP but are used out of the bullpen, and vice-versa).


There's 1 point for every single.    2.5 for double, 3.5 for triple.  6.5 total for a HR (1 point for RBI, 1 point for run scored).   Stolen bases I moved up to 3 points per.  Caught stealing is -0.5.       


There's no points for Wins for pitchers.  Just a bonus for Quality Starts.  An extra bonus for complete games, complete game shutouts, no-hitters, perfect games etc etc..  Saves are worth 5 points.  Holds are worth 3. (elite middle relievers are nearly just as valuable as mediocre closers).    


Anything else, just let me know and I'll see if there's an easier way for me to just copy and paste the settings into here.  


We also use FAAB for waivers and can make daily transactions using FAAB

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5 minutes ago, Bamaboi54 said:

Yes I’m definitely interested. Just have two questions. How do you determine the new teams draft order and the keepers that you have are they permanent keepers? Thanks 


The draft order is determined randomly by the Couch Managers app.    Once all 12 teams are paid and registered, they'll receive the link to Couch Managers, and then they'll randomly set the draft order.


The keepers aren't permanent.  You can only keep a player for 1 season, and then they're released back into the player pool for the following years draft.    I am putting in a new rule that allows you to keep one of your three keepers for 2 years.    But basically every year changes from year to year.  


Have you ever used Couch Managers before ?

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22 minutes ago, Bamaboi54 said:

I haven’t used couch managers before. Is it pretty good?


It worked great for us last year.  I've used it for 2 baseball leagues and 2 football leagues last year.   I love how easily it worked and how organized it was set up.  


I still have the open spot available. LeagueSafe protects all funds for the league.   I'm trying to fill this last spot asap

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Let me know if you've got any other questions on anything and I can explain them!    This is the 5th year of our league.  Very experienced players.   We play all the way til the end. There's always money that can be made during each week. 

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2 hours ago, Bamaboi54 said:

You just use couch managers for the draft correct? Yeah I been looking for a league where I could get my boy Acuna . My luck I’d end up last pick though.


Correct.  Couch Managers is strictly for the draft.  Then the league is just run on ESPN.    It'll be a snake draft format to divide the keepers up among the 2 new owners.  (we already have one).      So it's just the 2 new owners that pick.  Whoever picks 1st, the next owner would get the next 2 picks.  And then you'd each alternate 2 picks at a time until the entire list runs out.  Then you'd pick your best 3 options from your lists.   It's the  best way to manage that since one of the teams had better keepers than the other.  So it would only be fair to divide them up accordingly.  

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