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Butler/Kemba for Dame/Mirotic/OPJ? WHIR

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Just got offered Dame/Mirotic/OPJ for my Kemba/Butler. I'm punting assists and I'm a solid 4th in my 10-team league. I was originally looking to retool my team by also punting steals to compete against 1st and 2nd place by moving Butler but this is seems like a very good offer. My only issue is that while Dame is an upgrade from Kemba, OPJ and Mirotic's injury history this season makes me weary that they're not good enough for Butler. 

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12 hours ago, brosephd said:

to me its pretty much opj and dame for kemba and butler. pretty close but id go kemba and butler but depending who would u drop for mirotic. 


11 hours ago, heyitsmattdelly said:

I’m kinda leaning with the OPJ side barring that he’s not super injured.

Kemba and dame are a wash and OPJ and mirotic are decent return for butler considering butler is not as good as he could be as this PHI team is stacked

alsondepends who your dropnfor the 3 for 2 is

I've actually got an extra spot from a previous 2:1 trade. Otherwise the drop would probably be Landry if I find someone better to pickup before the trade is processed. 

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1 hour ago, tobeyreichman18 said:

I prefer Kemba and Butler. I think Kemba and Butler will both have a strong finish to the season. Maybe you can get someone else better then Mirotic or someone better than Otto Porter? That's the only way I would do this deal. Who would be your drop though?

I've got an open spot right now from a 2:1 trade I did. If a drop is necessary, it'd probably be Landry Shamet. 

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