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Brand New MLB Dynasty on ESPN - $50 Entry - 6 x 6 - Leaguesafe


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We are starting another dynasty on ESPN

Here is example of the settings

$50 entry via leaguesafe in the 1st year
$60 entry every year after

OBP & Extra basehits,  HR, RBI, R, SB
Wins, Holds, Saves, Ks, ERA, WHIP

No limits on Hitting
1750 IP Max on Pitching

40 Roster spots

Keep all 38 of 40 players on your roster each year to make room for a 2 player rookie draft each year

I am running 2 leagues with exact same settings, teams, entry fee, etc

One drafts March 17th @ NOON ET
The other one drafts on March 26 @ 9pm ET

We have 6 people in one and 8 in the other

email Freezang_@hotmail.com to join and mention draft time you like

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1 minute ago, ChrisEveridge said:

Haha, i have never seen that before. Hi-jacking someones post before without asking

Thanx for bumping my post though. I don't think the same people looking at a $50 league will be into the free one.

Good luck on your venture sir.

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