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Yahoo - H2H Points - Daily - Keeper Startup - Ottoneu Scoring - $50

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Looking to start up a new league to break away from the traditional leagues that I'm in. Ottoneu scoring in an effort to put emphasis on individual player performance. Listing out settings here:

League Rules

  • Host: Yahoo
  • Number of Teams: 12 (this is flexible based on interest, roster size will change if we adjust with the goal of having the top 300 or so players rostered)
  • Type: H2H - Points
  • Player Universe: All Baseball
  • Max Acquisitions: N/A
  • Max Trades: N/A
  • Trade Deadline: July 28
  • Draft Pick Trading: No
  • Waiver Time: 2 Days
  • Waiver Priority: Continual Rolling List
  • Trade Review: League Vote (I'm a proponent of open trading but reserve the right to commish veto for obvious collusion...let's be cool and just not go there)
  • Trade Protest Time: 2 Days
  • Keepers: Yes

Matchup Rules

  • Acquisitions Per Week: 3
  • Min Innings Pitched: 7
  • Week 1 Start: March 20
  • Number Playoff Teams: 6
  • Playoff Dates: August 26 - September 1
  • Playoff Tiebreaker: Best regular season record vs opponent
  • Playoff Reseeding: Yes
  • Divisions: No

Roster Settings

  • Batters: C / 1B / 2B / 3B / SS / OF x 3 / Util
  • Pitchers: SP x 5 / RP x 3 / P
  • Misc: DL x 2 / Bench x 7



  • Batters
    • At-Bat (-1)
    • Hit (5.6)
    • Double (2.9)
    • Triple (5.7)
    • Homerun (9.4)
    • Stolen Base (1.9)
    • Caught Stealing (-2.8)
    • Walk (3)
    • Hit-by-Pitch (3)
  • Pitchers
    • Inning Pitched (7.4)
    • Save (5)
    • Hit (-2.6)
    • Homerun (-12.3)
    • Walk (-3)
    • Hit Batter (-3)
    • Strikeout (2)
    • Hold (4)


  • Type: Live Online Draft
  • Date: March 23
  • Time: 1:00 PM CST
  • Draft Order (1st Year): Random - equal luck (I use an online randomizer that has the ability to adjust weight and gives me a link when complete to share the actual randomization and the results so you know I'm honest)
  • Draft Order: Random - luck adjusted by standing (I like to reward those who stay competitive to the end so weight adjustments will be +9 for 7th, +8 for 8th, +7 for 9th, +6 for 10th, +5 for 11th, +4 for 12th, +3 for 1st, +2 for 2nd, +1 for 3rd, +0 for 4th - 6th)

Keeper Rules

  • Number: Up to 3
  • Draft Cost: Drafted Round - 3^n (where n = # of consecutive years kept by same team [first year 0, second year 1, etc.], and drafted round = round drafted in our league's draft not ADP)
  • Undrafted Players: Count as last round draft pick
  • Pick Deadline: 1 week before draft


  • Entry Fee: $50 (plan is to move to $100 next year once we have a solid core...could eventually go higher if league is interested but want to get to at least $100 to keep only committed folks in)
  • Prize Breakout
    • First Prize: $250 (remainder of pot)
    • Second Prize: $100 (doubles money)
    • Third Prize: $50 (gets money back)
    • Most Points: $200 (quadruples money)
  • Fee Due Date:
    • If new to the league: Within 48 hours of joining (flexible if you let me know you need more time but otherwise I'm gonna be strict here...been burned too many times with peeps bailing hours before a draft and screwing everyone over)
    • If returning: 2 weeks prior to draft
  • Money Management: Yahoo (I don't want to be responsible for your money so I'll let Yahoo do it)


Whew, still with me? Post questions if you got 'em and I'll do my best to answer. PM me if interested and I'll send you a link to join.

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3 hours ago, AMarc318 said:


Invitation sent!

3 hours ago, AMarc318 said:

How many spots open?

2/12 spots filled at the moment, you'd be the 3rd.  Completely new league so I'm working on garnering interest in a few different places.

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16 minutes ago, adam_homan said:

I'd be interested!



@adam_homan Invitation sent!


13 hours ago, soccerdude07 said:

Invitation sent!

2/12 spots filled at the moment, you'd be the 3rd.  Completely new league so I'm working on garnering interest in a few different places.

@AMarc318 Can you confirm you got my invitation and/or that the email you gave me is correct? I sent it twice but have not gotten confirmations from Yahoo that it was received like I did with others.  Just wanted to make sure you weren't waiting on me if there's an error somewhere in the mix.  Thanks!

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