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Curtis Samuel 2019 Outlook

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Impossible to draft him this season and maybe beyond.  Cam Newton is now a Vegan since this offseason, he will throw less far and have less energy as the season goes on. You telling me eating let

Honestly, I like McCaffery more than both ROS. 

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1 hour ago, Nap Time said:


Wrong.  Samuel will play mostly on the side of Ramsey's replacement.








Wrong. Herndon will be on DJ Moore. 


https://www.playerprofiler.com/player-rankings/#!#CB-seasonal ......


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10 hours ago, martinjlm said:


poor reading comprehension, the fantasypros blurb is talking about Ramsey covering Moore, and then says if Ramsey is out it isn't all sunshine because Bouye is good too and hasn't allowed a TD, it doesn't say Bouye is covering Samuels because he lines up on a particular side of the field or that Bouye is going to be shadowing Samuels.  it actually is implying that Bouye is shadowing Moore

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11 hours ago, martinjlm said:

Some so called "experts" are suggesting Bouye on Samuel and some are suggesting Bouye on Moore. I don't think you should put as much faith in experts in general and Playerprofiler in particular as you seem to be doing.

I think it's likely Jaguars keep playing each CB to a set side just like vs Titans who similarly to Panthers does not have one obvious stud focal point wide receiver. In other words Bouye in his usual right CB role. DJ Moore has lined up to that side 59.1% of the snaps this year. Samuel has lined up to Bouye's side only 17.4% of the snaps.

Also a good chance Jaguars play zone again anyway, to put a spy on McCaffery. He's the obvious threat you want to slow down as a defensive coordinator vs Panthers. Especially with Cam out. In other words, again, speaking for each CB to his side.

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6 hours ago, martinjlm said:

As stated earlier in the thread before the game.... he was shutdown by JAX CBs as expected.

Haha love it, convenient to change it up when everything you were talking about pregame was it’s gonna be Bouye on Samuel. It wasn’t. He was RCB as usual, on Moore’s most common side. Which was suggested by everyone else here apart from you. I hope you are not paying for that Playerprofiler ”premium” content...

Either way, the remaining slice of pie after McCaffrey in this offense, at least with Kyle Allen in, just isn’t big enough for any reliable production. Moore’s day was not particularly spectacular either apart from that beautiful 52-yard grab leaping over Bouye.

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SF has played against some of the worst QBs in the league so far. Jameis, Dalton, rudolph, Baker, Goff, and Keenum. Not saying they aren't good but I don't think they're the top notch elite defense they're being billed as. I like that Carolina is coming out of a bye and should be well prepared for this game. 

Personally I'm gonna start him since I'm sick of rolling out the same guys and getting burned every week (Boyd and Fitzgerald) and want to give Curtis a shot since he posted a nice line before the bye.

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I've been playing this guy in WR3 spot for most of the season. I'm benching him this week for Corey Davis. That SF def is legit. I don't think he plays in the slot much and I don't think the SF line will give Allen a chance to get set and let deep plays develop.

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