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A-cun-a rate my team? (WHIR)

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Hey guys! Getting back into the baseball season, had my draft tonight. Was a big draft as we keep players for 4 years, and this is our 5th season so all of the year 1 keepers had to go back in. After that the draft was pretty normal. So I'm going to list the pick I used on each player, but keep in mind that looks strange for the first two rounds because of the quality of players that went back in.


12 teams, 5 keepers (4 years)

Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, SLG /////// IP, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP

My Team:
(Draft began with pick number 61)

C Sanchez (Keeper)
1B Bellinger (Keeper)
2B Moncada (144th overall)
3B Bregman (Keeper)
SS Correa (73rd overall)
OF Acuna (Keeper)
OF Bryant (72nd overall)
OF Eaton (145th overall)
UTIL M. Cabrera (168th overall)
UTIL D. Santana (240th overall)

SP Buehler (Keeper)
SP Bumgarner (96th overall)
RP Vizcaino (192nd overall)
RP Strop (241st overall)
P Barnes (271st overall)
P Tanaka (97th overall)
P Hendricks (120th overall)
P Happ (121st overall)
BE Arrieta (169th overall)
BE McHugh (227th overall)
BE Wacha (254th overall)
BE D. Rodriguez (264th overall)
BE An. Sanchez (265th overall)


My thoughts are that there is a lot of injury risk with my hitters, and I'll need a good number of bounce back seasons, but the upside is massive. And for pitching I reached for the guys that I wanted, but I think my pitching looks pretty good because of it. What do you guys think? Leave your links below if you'd like. Thanks!

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