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$30 MLB Survivor - 3 Strikes - Winner Take All

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Baseball Survivor Pool Rules

The goal is to be the last member standing at the end of the season! 
- Each member receives one Entry into the pool. 
- Each member picks a different MLB team each week. Each MLB team can only be picked once per season. 
- If the team they pick wins at least 50% of their games that week, they survive and advance. Of course, if the team they pick loses, that member receives a strike.
- 3 'strikes' (incorrect picks) before members are eliminated. 

Total pot will be paid to winning member(s) at the end of the season, with Majority Rules Payout. 
In case of a tie, more than one winning member, pot will be split accordingly, by percentage. 

RunYourPool.com League Settings 

Strike Limit: Eliminated when you get 3 incorrect picks 
1 entry per member
Starting Week: Week 1 
Collection & Payout through LeagueSafe 


email Freezang_@hotmail.com to join,  mention baseball/mlb survivor


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6 hours ago, Bretjay said:

I was in the pool last year. Thanks for keeping it going!  

Please send me an invite at ebsavit@gmail.com. 

My brother is also interested. His email is lsavit2@yahoo.com.  

BTW, how many people are you up to?

up to 18 people


Still waiting on some more from lasts year's to join

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