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Jose Leclerc 2019 Outlook

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Got his Yahoo Sp eligibility, but what's the point?  Manager seems to have no interest in using him for high leverage situations.  Tries to push him two innings today as opener against a red hot Twins lineup after he threw 30 pitches yesterday, and he looked bad.  Don't think the kid has any idea of his role.  Had a month long stretch from early May thru early June where he was completely dominant, yet manager just kept teasing how he was "close", but never put him back in the closer role.  Don't know if the early failures are still in his head, or the managers usage of him has got him screwed up.  Either way, doesn't look to have much value going forward for saves or holds. Been keeping him all year, as my league counts holds and he gets his K's, but he's not really even getting the hold opportunities when they arise.  Can't blame those in saves-only leagues who cut bait long ago. I really did think he'd turn it around, though.  Anyone else still holding this guy?

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Daniel Vogelbach ate his soul.

@Dr. Whom  

Because then they win because you’re limiting the number of ABs your best players get. Funny thought though.

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45 minutes ago, 20Duval904 said:

Last 30 days he’s posted a 2.63 ERA and 1.17 WHIP over 13.2 IP with 19 K.


Closer role looks like Kelley’s barring injury though at this point.

Agreed...put leclerc in a high pressure situation and he folds like origami 

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Might be worth a speculative add for Closer needy teams... Shawn Kelley might be seriously injured and Leclerc has been good of late.


Chris Woodward’s quote after the game seems rather ominous.


“I’ve got my fingers crossed, hoping it’s not as bad as we think,” manager Chris Woodward said.

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9 minutes ago, 20Duval904 said:

Martin got the SV last night but Leclerc in the month of July has the following stats:


10 G, 9.2 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 13 K

1.86 ERA, 0.83 WHIP, .182 BA Against


Feels like he should get another shot eventually but who knows.


He’s been successful as the fireman outside the 9th so why F with it? 

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14 minutes ago, loro1991 said:


He’s been successful as the fireman outside the 9th so why F with it? 


I agree with that, personally. Just that originally when he got demoted, it sounded like they wanted him back in the role long-term... maybe they still do, or maybe they don’t now. I dunno... but yeah, he’s re-found success in his current role.

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He's allergic to the spotlight all of a sudden... (2019)

It's like Chucky Knoblauch syndrome, purely mental as his stuff seems the same as his dominant 2018. I don't get it, but man does he crap the bed in epic fashion! You can just see it happening, and it's hard to watch. Feel bad for the guy... he looks scared and has zero moxie. 

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The only thing that gives me pause is that Martin could be dealt.  Can't imagine Kelley will be moved considering he is on the IL for at least another 2 weeks.  Leclerc has excelled in his role outside the 9th and been horrendous otherwise.  So if Martin leaves, we might see Leclerc sucking in the 9th until Kelley comes back, but the other possibility is that he figures it out since I don't know who else they'd give save opps to with Martin gone and Kelley unavailable.

Either way, I think I'll take my chances elsewhere.

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