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NL/AL Only Leagues -- One Team ESPN Money NL ONLY League

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Only the most hardcore fantasy baseball addicts would be crazy enough to be interested in the very detailed, subtlety difficult, highly nuanced structure of this league. It requires a high level of activity even to simply remain in ownership good standing. If you've already got six teams, you probably don't have time for our league. If you don't know who's battling for the Orioles right field job, you probably won't do well in this league. There is no shame in moving along.

*THIRTY team comprehensive league, representing every actual MLB team, that spans separate NL Only and AL Only ESPN venues, using a third place-marker ESPN league to hold a World Series.

*Redraft for an established league.

*Winner of the NCLS advances to the World Series.

*Emulates many aspects of the structure of Major League Baseball. Rosters closely approximate MLB rosters. As does the playoff format.

*Active message board infrastructure. Very active ownership across nearly all thirty teams. Tightly run.

*Flex-list of five to nine keepers year-over-year. Rebuild or reach for it all. With the right draft, no doubt, the Rockies can win.

*Money Banners win money.

*Many unique features no other leagues have.

Prize Breakdown:

World Series Win: $400.00, ALCS/NLCS Win: $75.00, Division Win: $25.00, Most Money Banners: $25.00


Colorado Rockies:


Highlights: Victor Robles, Charlie Blackmon, Zack Godley, Julio Urias, Eric Hosmer, Number Six Pick.

Snake draft March 31th. 10:00AM EST. Drop an email and I'll send out an invite.

If you don't quickly accept the invite, I'll keep shopping the team. If you don't pay-in within twenty-four hours, I'll resume shopping the team.


Warm Regards,





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