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Last Keeper - Need Help

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Standard 12 Team Points League.  4 OF League, Util and INF positions, as well.

I'm pretty set on my first 4 Keepers:

Cole - 3rd Round

Wheeler - 18th Round

Haniger - 17th Round

Dahl - 16th Round


Deciding on my last keeper:

Shaw 8th Round (Yahoo League - 1B, 2B, 3B eligible)

Gallo 8th Round

Morton 12th Round

Odor 11th Round


To give a little context -  53 of the top 100 ESPN Points rank players are being kept.




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completely agree with your keeper locks.


I'd probably go Shaw assuming this is 5x5 with AVG.   if OBP is a cat then Gallo.  Even if it's not you can make a case for Gallo over shaw...   couldn't fault you.  Still think I lean Shaw here.     wouldn't consider odor or morton



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On 3/8/2019 at 1:56 AM, rufflemaster said:

Morton - still a strong strikeout pitcher despite being 35

 I’ve been thinking I’d keep Morton. Especially after the Brewers signed Moustakas, but it seems the Brewers wan Shaw at 3B, which is great. I’ll probably keep Shaw and target Morton after the 10th

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