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Only (1) Spot Left / 125$ Buy in / 14-Team / H2H Pts / 3rd Year Redraft ESPN / Leaguesafe / Draft Sat March 23 20:00 EDT

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Only (1) spotsleft with all current owners having paid Leaguesafe already.

3rd year redraft league needs a few replacement owners for its 2019 season.

The draft will be held on Saturday March 23 at 20:00 EDT

Draft date and time are set in stone.


The scoring reflects somewhat of an old school mentality for starters in the sense that there is no point for K, or -1 for BB, but we simply rewards innings pitched and quality starts on top of wins.

We also reward power hitters with an extra 2 points for HR because of the impact of the shift, and the very high amount of K (-1) resulting from it as hitters are increasingly trying to hit deep fly balls to beat it.

As a result of these settings we see great balance between hitters and starters in terms of production.


Here are the settings:




1st Place 750$

2nd Place 450$

3rd Place 250$

4th Place 175$

5th Place 125$ (Consolation bracket)


Email me directly at pgingras2016@gmail.com if interested.


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