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Raimel Tapia 2019 Outlook


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8 hours ago, StevieStats said:

So called 3rd best hitter on the Rockies now hitting 208 avg with a 512 ops over the past month, 260/744 on the season. 

You guys buying the statcast data and peripherals now? Or we going to revert back to blaming Bud Black? 😂


Of course if he was playing well, we would have heard crickets. He WAS the 3rd best hitter this year at the time of the post.  Desmond's bat has been heating up, so Tapia will be a part time player until that cools off. No way he will be replacing Dahl or Blackmon unless they have a day off.  I'm still not a Desmond fan but hey, if I was Black, I would be putting the hot bat in too, but as usual Black's vets matters. 

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Raimel been on a nice little stretch over last 14..much of it since Dahl got hurt & he started getting regular PT: .306/.342/417 over 36AB with a homer off Grienke.

COL  had him at lead off last night and he rewarded them with 2/5 with a walk.


For OF-specific leagues, he is seeing games in RF as well as CF as the Rocks make adjustments to Dahl's absence. Dahl doesn't look to be back anytime soon so this could be a nice stretch of solid playing time for Tapia, something I don't think he's really had at the MLB level. 

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Yeah, would have to think he stands a solid chance (despite COL proclivity to foolishly sign vets) to get out in front of a possible starting OF gig next year--with a strong finish to the season. 6 home games this week v ARZ and the back of the MIA staff and only 1 lefty...

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