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Fantrax Dynasty - 16 team league, H2H

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Hello everyone,

I have created a 16-team league that will be ran on Fantrax. Payments will be made on Leaguesafe.. 

Once the league fills, everyone will need to pay within 48 hours of the league filling. That means once the league fills, I will email everyone and expect to everyone pay within the time period. If you do not plan on having the full buy-in in this time frame, this is not the league for you. Yearly entry is $200; however, the inaugural season will be $400. Teams are responsible for paying for the current season and the following season.  This process will take place every year. You will be required to pay for the following season in January of each year. For instance, in 2019 you will pay the $400 entry fee. This covers the 2019 season as well as 2020. In Jan 2020, you would be paying for the 2021 season and so on. In my opinion this is the only way to keep dynasty leagues together and keeps guys from jumping in the league only to play for a year or two.. and going all out to win.

The league will be a 7x7 Hitting: R, HR, RBI, AVG, SB, TB, OPS.. Pitching: W, QS, ERA, WHIP, SV, HLD, K.. you will win one point per category.

MLB draft will take place Friday, March 22rd at 7:00pm CST.. With this being a 30-round draft this WILL take a while. If you are not prepared for a long draft, this is probably not for you. I will set the timer for the first 5 rounds to 1 minute. Rounds 6-10 will be 45 seconds and rounds after that will be 30 seconds. So be prepared and pick out players while your league mates are picking. Trades will not be allowed in the initial draft. Initial draft will be randomized by Fantrax. Hopefully we can do this as soon as the league forms and everyone pays (not sure if we can) if not, I can do a “go live” through facebook or something. The minors draft order will be reverse of the MLB draft and will be a slow draft on the fantrax message board.

Players are eligible to be drafted in the MLB draft IF they have 1 MLB plate appearance and/or 1 appearance as a pitcher. All others will be eligible to be drafted as a minor.

Our league will have a 30 man MLB roster and 40 man MiLB roster.. The

C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, OF, OF, OF, OF, UTIL   SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, P, P, P (9 bench slots)

The league will be ran off of contracts of 6 yrs and will also have a salary cap of $100..

The following salaries will be applied:

1st-2nd round picks: $7 each

3rd-4th round picks: $5 each

6th-9th round picks: $4 each

10th-12th round picks: $3 each

13th-16th round picks: $2 each

16+ $1 each

After the draft each team must submit/post the players and how many years they are allocating for each player. This will be done through the Fantrax message board. Each team will post a thread and I will go in and edit the contract years and salaries.

*When Minors are called up, they will be assigned a $1 contract. Once called up, Minors will have 7 years of control. The Minor will be on a $1 contract for the first 4 years and then go into arbitration the final three years. For example Vlad Jr’s contract will be $1 for the first 4 years and then increase through arbitration in Year 5 ($2), Year 6 ($4), Year 7 ($7).. Only the first four years are guaranteed, meaning if you cut a player after calling him up, you will be on the hook for $4.

Each year we will have a 5 round rookie draft. This includes J2 and amateur draftees. This draft will take place in June shortly after the amateur draft has ended. For example, the 2018 J2 signees will be In the same draft as the 2019 amateur draftees.

Free agency will be FAAB based, once a week (most likely Sunday night). If a free agent is won, the winning team must specify the years the team is signing the player to the contract. Free agents won in FAAB will have a $1 salary. In the off-season of each year we will have a free agency process that is not ran based off of FAAB. This will most likely take place on Fantrax message board unless the league decides to do it on an internet forum or message board. You will bid using the available cap you have left in your budget.

Minors won will not count toward the team’s salary cap and only towards the Faab budget.

The Prize Pool will be as follows (16*200) = $3200 – fantrax premium league fee (I think it’s $75).

Best Record - $500

Total Roto Leader - $500

1st place - $1000

2nd place - $750

3rd place- $375

Co-owners are allowed.

The league will be made up of two 8 team divisions. 6 teams will make the playoffs each season, with the top team in each division receiving a bye. The remaining 4 slots will come from teams that have the best record regardless of division. You will pick an MLB team name and will be placed in either the NL or AL. First come, first serve.

I’m sure I’m missing a few things but this will get the league up and going..

Please let me know if you have questions and more to come. Look forward to a great year and hope to find 15 others that are in for the long haul! 

If interested please email Jarrodpilgrim07@gmail.com 

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