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If you’re looking for a realistic league, this one is as real as it gets. I’m trying to fill a premium custom league on Fantrax called ‘The Real 162’. It uses DAILY scoring periods... so you play a 162-game season and then playoffs exactly like real MLB... Wildcard play-in game, Best-of-5 LDS, Best-of-7 LCS, and a Best-of-7 World Series between the AL and NL champions!

Looking for a total of 20 quality owners (currently at 13 of 20) to run either an AL team (drafting from an AL-only player pool) or an NL team (NL-only player pool). It’d be $50 per team (premium league fees already paid). 

The league uses real MLB team names and logos, and you get 4 real-life keepers from your major league club. So, to make things fair, first we’ll be having a 1-round franchise draft (random order) to pick teams. There will be exactly 10 real-life AL teams and 10 real-life NL teams when all is said and done. Once franchises have been selected, each owner will submit their 4 real-life keepers and prepare for their AL-only or NL-only Remaining Players Draft (if an owner fails to submit their keeper list within 24 hours of the franchise draft, the top 4 scorers on their team based on last year's stats will be automatically assigned to them). The first team that was drafted in each league will be assigned the last pick in their respective league’s RPD and vice versa… last team chosen in each league gets the first pick in their league’s RPD. Draft will be non-serpentine for the first 2 rounds, then go snake-style starting with rounds 3 and 4 (therefore, last team selected in the franchise draft will have the first pick in rounds 1 and 2, and then also in rounds 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc.). 

After the drafts, rosters will be merged to form a 20-team major league with 4 divisions. Divisional alignment will be done geographically - the five eastern-most NL teams that were selected will be in the NL East, while the other five will be in the NL West (same goes for the AL). We will use a balanced schedule featuring limited inter-league play. You will play 18 games against each of your 4 division rivals (18*4=72), 12 games against each of the 5 teams in the other division (12*5=60), and 3 games against each of the 10 inter-league teams (3*10=30)... 72+60+30 = 162! Since the match-up tiebreaker is ‘Home team gets the win’, each team will get 81 games at home and 81 games on the road.

Plus... this league uses a unique scoring system designed to produce realistic low-scoring baseball results: 
Hitters score your fantasy team a "run" for every 4 bases they accrue in a game (total bases + walks + hbp + (sb - cs)), plus a "run" for every two Runs Produced ((RS + RBI) - HR). Pitchers add "runs" for your team based on IP minus Runs Allowed, with Relievers adding or subtracting a "run" for saves, holds, blown saves, etc...  25-man rosters with 11 starters (one at each fielding position, a DH, one SP and one RP), as well as 3 injured reserve spots.


AL/NL Drafts will both take place on Sunday, March 24th starting at 2pm EST. Franchise Draft will occur as soon as the league fills - hopefully sometime this week. The $1,000 prize pool will be distributed using Fantrax Treasurer as follows:  World Series winner: $400.... World Series loser: $200.... ALCS and NLCS losers: $100 each.... The 4 Regular-season Division winners: $50 each


Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you an invite. Payment won't be due until March 18th. Serious owners only please.



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