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Justin Upton 2019 Outlook

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You can never expect a player to be a Trout, regardless of if they are a first overall pick. Upton has been a lot more successful that the majority of number one picks. 

overreaction central

Must have asked his brother for advice, then done the opposite.

36 minutes ago, Dirty Little Birdie said:

why is he sitting today? he's played back to back tune ups hasn't he?


I'm guessing they want to keep him off the turf in Toronto back to back games seeing as he's coming off a toe injury.

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11 hours ago, TheGreatest42 said:

What does everyone expect from Upton in the second half?  Are you anticipating that the turf toe and quad issue could be recurring things through the season?  


nah, usual Jup, good power/RBI numbers

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There's no real good news in his Statcast numbers this year, but he missed a lot of time and the sample size isn't all that big. He performed like clockwork the last three years and everything is suddenly way down this year. I'm holding a while longer and hoping he gets it together for the H2H playoffs, but I'm in 1st place with a decent cushion. If I were fighting for a spot and needed immediate production, I'd probably feel okay cutting him loose.

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Sole reason I'm holding is because Upton is one of very few players in baseball who can win you a week on his own. He'll go cold for 3 weeks then mash 8 dongs in a week and win you a ship. I guess the hope is that the hot week comes when I'm still in contention.

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