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Donte Moncrief 2019 Outlook


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6 hours ago, Mr2Saint said:


Why isn't there more talk about Moncrief? Seems entrenched as the clear #2. Serious upside this season. Could be a weekly WR 2.

I’m on the train.  Got DM in the 11th or 12th round of a 12 teamer, Washington went several rounds earlier.  This just feels like the Tevin Coleman/Matt Breida dynamic:  people know there is value in a player’s role (here, Pitt’s outside WR opposite their #1 guy), but for whatever reason some of the pundits appear to have picked the wrong guy.  Washington is on all the breakout lists but his ADP is inflated. Moncrief seems like he’s the guy based on snap count and he is cheap cheap cheap.  We’ll see, but what I love about WRs like Moncrief is it can seem like his star has flashed because he’s been in the league long enough that he gets looked over. We think we know who he is and he won’t improve.  But he’s still only in his mid 20s, and WRs don’t necessarily peak until 27-28.

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26 minutes ago, Stratocasters said:

Moncrief has been brutal since he's been in the league. I don't see him lasting as #2 in Pittsburgh. I'm not even sure why Pitt picked him up. If Luck can't do anything with him, he's a lost cause as far as I'm concerned.


Hard to get a read on this guy, his stats suck in Indy but either he was hurt or Luck was hurt pretty much the whole time, the only time they had a full season together was Moncrief's rookie year. So I guess it's possible he finally breaks out if he can stay healthy. I just don't see much upside here at his ADP though and have a hard time seeing him being a reliable weekly contributor.


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I agree, he's hard to get that excited about. I've owned him before and felt before he might be a breakout candidate but he never did. He's not a terrible guy to have on your bench as bye or injury insurance but I'd rather have Washington. Just feel like there is way more upside there. 

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6 minutes ago, claptondecheeks said:

I got him at 10.08

He's going under the radar because he had a horrible year with a horrible Jags team. In previous years, he'd be going much higher, even though he didn't exactly kill it any year he was with the colts.


I think it's actually cause he had 4 years with the Colts (and a lot of that was with Luck, albeit injured Luck) and couldn't put anything together.

Not saying it can't happen... seems very possible he could put up a very good WR2 season. I personally think they're using Moncrief as a pace car to motivate James Washington and Diontae and expect one of them to overtake Moncrief sometime during the season.

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I knew going in... that the talent was questionable, but the situation and opportunity was prime.

Well... Right about the opportunity and 'questionable' is an over-statement.

Holding 1 more week, only because of what Tom Brady said about the NE Def, but it'll be on the bench.  If no signs of life, he gone.
*Needs to be at least a 12 team league.  Anything smaller, cut bait.  I have him in a 14 team league and no one on the wire has the 'opportunity' that Moncrief does.
I have zero optimism, but I'm holding 1 more week.

Tom Brady came out and said (roughly) 'All through offseason, I thought our offense was in trouble, we couldn't move the ball, we couldn't get players open, and we were really struggling.  It wasn't until we started playing other teams in scrimmage and preseason, that I realized it's not our offense, our defense is just THAT good.'

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