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Need 6 owners for espn non-money dynasty league

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League Home Page: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=141296

SOS Galgos: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=141296&seasonId=2019&teamId=3

Forget About Trea: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=141296&seasonId=2019&teamId=4

Eager Seagers: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=141296&seasonId=2019&teamId=5

Ninety Percent Mental: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=141296&seasonId=2019&teamId=6

Pittsburgh Yinztastics: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=141296&seasonId=2019&teamId=8

Machado About Nothing: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=141296&seasonId=2019&teamId=9

It's first come, first serve. This is a NO MONEY LEAGUE. Get me your email and which team you want. I have teams that I'll need owners for in other leagues so if you couldn't get in here let me know and maybe we can do business in another league.  Let me know of any questions you have. Thanks and good luck this season!

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