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$150 Entry H2H Weekly Points 12-Team Keeper League. 1 Team Open-ESPN and LeagueSafe-Draft March 26th

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We have one opening in our 12 team keeper league. The league is set up so that even the worst team one year will have a quick competitive recovery. Keepers can be kept for 3 years and this will be year three of the league so many great players will go back into the pool next year. See below for the specifics and email jboyd16@hotmail.com if interested.

-Entry Fee and Payouts: Entry fee is $150 through LeagueSafe.  
1st place in standings going into playoffs = $500
2nd place in standings going into playoffs = $300
3rd place in standings going into playoffs = $150
Championship runner-up = $350 
Championship winner = $500 

Regular season tiebreakers will be overall points scored on the season. 

-Draft and Keeper Policy: The first year of the draft will be a randomized snake draft. At the end of the year rosters will be frozen and you will have the OPTION TO KEEP UP TO FOUR PLAYERS. For each player you keep, you will lose a round in the draft. If you keep one player, you lose your first round pick. If you keep two you will lose your 1st and 2nd round picks. The order of year two and beyond drafts will be based on the previous year’s standings, with the overall champion drafting last and the runner up drafting 2nd to last. The first four rounds of the draft year two and after will NOT be a snake. It will be 1-12, 1-12, 1-12, 1-12 for the first 5 rounds and snake back for the sixth round and throughout the rest of the draft (the 12th team will have the first pick of round six). 

-Keepers will only be allowed to be kept for a maximum of three years after being drafted including the year he was drafted. After the third year that player will be re-entered into the draft pool. This will also hold true to traded players. If a player is traded during year two of his keeper tag, the team receiving him will only have him for one more year. Players who are drafted, released, and then picked up for any part of the season will only be allowed to be kept for 2 more years. However, if a player goes un-drafted and is picked up during a season, he will be allowed to be kept for 3 more years. For instance, if Trout is drafted, dropped, and picked up again, he can only keep him for 2 more years. Now let’s say Buster Posey goes un-drafted this year and gets picked up during the season; He will be able to be kept for three more years. Kept players will be announced one hour before the draft. 

-Transactions: $100 FAAB with waivers clearing Sunday and Wednesday nights

Rosters: We start 16 players (7 pitchers and 9 batters). If it is determined you have not put your best lineup forward on any given week in order to move up positions in the draft, you may be kicked out of the league.

Available team is "Starting From The Bottom" which has the first pick of the draft and can be found here:

Settings can be found here:

Online draft will be Tue, Mar 26 at 6:15 PM PST. Please only commit if you see yourself being interested long term.

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