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5 Spots Left in a ***New*** 12 Team H2H Points Dynasty (Yahoo/LeagueSafe/$100)

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League Rules:


  • 12 Franchises
  • No Divisions



  • $100/year
    • To prevent going all-in one season, and then ditching your team the following year (when it sucks), entry fees must be paid a year in advance for the following year - so for the startup, you will pay $200 entry fee, and half will be distributed after the first year. Then after the first year, you'll pay another $100, etc. so there will always be a "bank" of next year's entry fees
    • This system will also foster league sustainability as team owners looking to exit the league will have an incentive to find their own replacement (who can essentially pay them their following years entry fee)
  • Distribution:
    • $750 - League Champion
    • $350 - League Runner Up (Playoffs)
    • $100 - Regular Season Champion (Record)
    • $100 - Regular Season Champion (Total Points)
  • We will be using a secured transaction platform for monetary distributions like league save or something similar



  • 25 Man Major League Rosters (23 Active + 2 DL)
    • C
    • 1B
    • 2B
    • 3B
    • SS
    • 1B
    • 2B
    • 3B
    • SS
    • 1B/SS
    • 2B/3B
    • OF
    • OF
    • OF
    • OF
    • UTIL
    • SP
    • SP
    • SP
    • SP
    • SP
    • RP
    • RP
    • Bench
    • Bench
    • Bench
    • Bench
    • DL
    • DL


Scoring Settings

  • Position Players:
    • Runs: 1
    • Single: 1
    • Double: 2
    • Triple: 3
    • Home Runs: 4
    • RBI: 1
    • Stolen Base: 1
    • Caught Stealing: -.5
    • Walks: 1
    • Intentional Walks: 1
    • Hit by Pitch: 1
    • Strikeouts: -1
    • Ground Into Double Play: -1
    • Errors: -1
    • Hitting for the Cycle: 5


  • Pitching:
    • Wins: 5
    • Losses: -5
    • Saves: 3
    • Blown Saves: -3
    • Quality Starts: 1
    • Outs: 1 (3pts/Inning)
    • Hits: -1
    • Earned Runs: -1
    • Walk: -1
    • Hit Batters: -1
    • Strikeouts: 1
    • Pickoffs: 1
    • No Hitters: 5
    • Perfect Games: 10


Minor League Roster

  • 4 man minor league roster
  • No positional limits
  • You may call up these players to your major league roster at any point, but you cannot demote a player from the majors to the minors without passing through waivers
  • You may not call up a player once the fantasy playoffs start
  • Over the offseason you may only protect 2 players on your minor league roster. Everyone else must either be called up or released into the rookie draft pool. The minor league roster will be refilled through a minor league draft each offseason
  • Players without minor league options or do not play for a minor league affiliate are ineligible for the minor league roster


Rookie Draft

  • The "rookie draft" will occur annually the weekend after the MLB draft and will include all available, non-protected, minor-league players and recent draft picks
  • The draft order will be in reverse order of the previous years' standings, as determined by the following:
    • For non-playoff teams, they will be seeded based on record, with total regular season points as a tiebreaker
    • For playoff teams, the picks will be decided based on when the team is eliminated for the playoffs. For the two teams eliminated in the same round, the worst regular season record will get the higher pick



  • Trading is allowed and encouraged
  • Minor League and Major League players can be involved in the same trade
  • Once a player is called up by one franchise, that player is now a major league player for that franchise only. If he is traded to another franchise, that team can decide which roster to assign him to
    • However, if a player is later traded back to the initial team that had previously called them up to the major league roster, the player must return to that teams major league roster
  • Vetoes will be based on a majority league vote. In general, vetoes ARE NOT encouraged. Particularly in a dynasty setting, teams can have different incentives and motivations. A trade might look uneven at face value because it helps one team much more in the present, but that trade may have significant future value to the other team. This happens all the time in MLB. Please reserve veto votes for clearly unfair trades or collusion. 



  • You are allowed one add/drop per week
    • This prevents people from cycling pitchers on the waiver wire and manipulating the point system
    • If a player is dropped (or if you send a player down to your minor league roster), that player will go through waivers/free agency
  • Waivers will be based on a waiver priority order system. It will process as follows:
    • Initially based on reverse draft order
    • Once you make a waiver claim, you go to the back of the priority order
    • In future seasons, the initial priority order will be based on the reverse of last season's standings


Startup Draft:

  • Randomized Live Snake Draft 
  • TBD (subject to change based on team availability) 


For any inquiries about this league, or to inquire about joining this league please email me at:


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