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Who to grab: Catcher edition

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With Perez on my DL now there are really no stand out options to grab, I picked up Barnes but with him in a 60/40 time share with Martin should I grab someone else?


16 team dynasty with standard cats and some other notables are: Chirionos, Cervelli/Diaz, Suzuki/Gomes, Astudillo, Barnhart,,,,,,, should I just stream the flavor of the week or is there one I should grab over the rest?



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Astudillo is the dynasty grab, but Chirinos might be the this-season-only grab. With regular ABs, Astudillo could be special, but it doesn't look like he's getting those if Sano gets back anytime this season. Chirinos on the other hand has the ABs & will give you decent production everywhere (for a C!) except AVE & SBs. I like the idea of the Suzuki/Gomes combo but could never bring myself to burn 2 roster spots on a C.

Help here? 


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Is Navraez avaiable ?    ..........  if not Chirinos - but don't get your hopes up.


at one point last year I went without a catcher just because I felt like the options available stat wise were hurting me.

Shortly after that I stashed Mejia before the word got out ..... maybe a prospect stash is an idea for you. Its early though for a deep stash like that though.

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